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Phil Croff Mousing Magic

Streamside Orvis guide, Phil Croff, wrestled this big brown in the middle of the night over a mouse pattern.


   July 06, 2023  

Spring Art Walk 2023 — Featuring Custom Knife Maker, Patrick Smith

Join us May 5, 2023 from 4-7pm for another Art Walk. Our featured artist will be Patrick Smith, master knife maker from Cole Creek Forge. Patrick will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate his skill of knife making.



   April 17, 2023  

Tying the Predator Gurgler

Predator Gurgler

Hook:Firehole 801P #1/0

Thread:GSP 150 white

Tail:White bucktail with white saddle hackle

Body:Pearl Ice Dub in dubbing loop

Overwing:Barred chartruese saddle hackle tied flat

Head:Layered foam tied Gurgler style

This is the final installment of the 2023 Streamside Orvis fly tying class. Jack Gartside invented the Gurgler fly. The Gurgler is a floating fly that can be pulled to create a “Gurgle” sound like a bass popper. Today the Gurgler tied to attract trout, large and smallmouth bass, striped bass, pike, tarpon, snook, GT’s and many other species. In Jack's own words, "Fishing a Gurgler is one of the most thrilling ways to catch a fish. If I had only fly I could fish all the time, the Gurgler would be it. Whether it's striped bass, freshwater bass, trout, tigerfish or just about any other sportfish you can name, a properly-fished Gurgler can entice and excite even the most reluctant fish to smash it as you work the fly across the surface."


   February 23, 2023   

Tying the Hazy Cripple

Hazy Cripple

Hook:Orvis 1523 #12-14

Thread:Uni Thread purple 8/0

Tails:Brown Z-lon

Abdoman:Purple Life Flex

Wing:White Parapost

Hackle:Grizzly/Brown mix

This is the 6th week of the 2023 fly tying class. Walter Weise’s Hazy Cripple is based on Rowan Nyman’s DOA Cripple which is based loosely on Bob Quigley’s cripple. Emergers and cripples, as Weise explains, are more effective when fished for selective or heavily-pressured trout. This pattern is Weise’s offshoot of the Purple Haze, one of the most popular attractor patterns for mid-Summer trout fishing.


   February 16, 2023   

Tying the Euro Jig Sculpin

Euro Jig Sculpin

Hook:Firehole 516 #8

Thread:Uni Thread 8/0 olive

Bead:Insta Jig mottled olive 3/16

Tail:Olive or olive brown marbou

Body:Pheasant tail colored Ice Dub

Legs:Golden Yellow Pearl barred Crazy Legs

Collar:Pheasant tail colored Ice Dub

This original Tyler Sarasin pattern imitating sculpin, goby, or crayfish is a highly successful pattern for early season smallmouth, carp, and mid-season trout. It’s heavy headed bead should be jigged as it drifts downstream of across the bottom of stillwater such as the Grand Traverse Bay shoreline.


   January 26, 2023   

Tying The New Age Gartside Soft-Hackle Streamer

New-Age Gartside Soft-Hackled Streamer

Hook: Orvis 228S #4

Eyes:Black bead-chain

Thread: Uni Thread 6/0 black

Underwing: Ripple Ice Fiber copper

Hackle:Yellow and brown blood marabou

This is the second week of the 2023 Streamside Orvis fly tying class. Jack Gartside’s Soft-Hackle streamer is alive even when it’s dead drifting downstream. Jack’s use of marabou by hackling it is ingenious and extremely effective and made this pattern one of his most revolutionary. It rests alongside other of his creations like the Sparrow, Gurgler, Carrot Top, and Pheasant Hopper. This fly can be tied in a variety of colors for many common baitfish and trout species.


   January 18, 2023  

Tying the Hungarian Prince

Hungarian Prince

Hook:Orvis 1524 #10

Thread:Uni Thread 6/0 black

Tail:Brown turkey biots

Body:Peacock herl

Rib:Gold french tinsel

Wing:White turkey biots

Hackle:Hungarian partridge

This is a Blue Ribbon Flies pattern that modifies the original stonefly pattern to include a soft hackle partirdge feather. It can be fished dead drift or swung like a traditional soft hackle pattern. This a great pattern for late June or early July when black stoneflies emerge along the banks. It’s also a favorite attractor pattern where the giant black variety is found since that variety requires 3 years to mature, one and two year old black stoneflies are always available.


   January 11, 2023   



Seven Steps Fly Casting Method

A guide to learning fly casting

by Dave Leonhard

Seven Steps To Learning Fly Casting

  1. Setup. Proper grip and stance.
  2. Pickup and delivery. (Stop and wait. Stop and wait, and deliver.)

Read more »

   May 02, 2022  

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